Terms & Conditions

  • Outdoor sessions may be cancelled in the event of heavy rain/thundery showers. The coach will update parents on such cancellation no later than 1 hour prior to session. Dynamic Sport will provide replacement/make-up sessions accordingly as to not affect the paid sessions.

  • Absence from sessions due to illness or urgent matters will be capped at 3 occasions per child. Parents have to inform the coach in advance if your child is unable to attend the session.

  • Photographs & videos may be taken during the sessions for marketing and social media purposes. If you do not consent to any of these, please inform Dynamic Sport via email/message/call or the coach in charge.

  • Children are to wear sports attire with covered shoes to attend the session. Each child must bring a water bottle to ensure adequate hydration throughout the session.  

  • While ensuring a safe coaching approach and environment for the participants, Dynamic Sport will not be liable for any personal injury/casualty encountered before, during or after the sessions.